Beata Judzentė

M-studio preschool pedagogue, music teacher Beata's first encounter with music was the Panevėžys Music School (violin, piano, guitar, singing in a choir). I completed the Kindermusik course and obtained an international license as a music educator, which gives me the right to work with preschool children.

Beata has been teaching music and English to young children since 2007. Works according to the program developed by Kindermusik International. For the first 4 years, he had his own school in the old town of Vilnius. Also after working in "Telebimbam" preschool, Vilnius International School, "Vilnius Montessori Kindergarten", "Pupų piedelis", "Aukštyn kojom", baby academy "Mažijųi valdos".

Beata, the mother of triplets - Elsa, Maria and John - and little Mila, says: "My 4 children are one of the best and most difficult things that have ever happened to me. They encouraged me to take on new challenges, to doubt, to try again and to move forward. Children became the main reason why I decided to quit working in online media at DELFI and return to music. The desire to be a teacher, to help children grow, led me to where I am now - on a constant journey of discovery without end!"