Our values

child-home-sitting-table-writes Music and literacy
Early musical experience can have a strong influence on literacy and reading skills.
boy-doing-some-mathematical-exercises Music and Mathematics
Early musical experiences strengthen children's cognitive abilities.
smiling-kid-standing-with-hands-spread-wide Music and social development
Early participation in music and movement positively affects children's social outcomes.

Groups of preschool

"Sing and Play" group is for 1-3 year old children
It is an energetic and joyful program that embraces the holistic development of the child.
"Wiggle and Grow" group is for 3-5 year old children
It is an app that captures the joy of a young child's growth, and with the help of music, children feel the satisfaction of their sense of agility and curiosity.
"Laugh and Learn" group is for 5-7 year old children
This program is focusing on enjoy of the young child’s growth. The main goal:  is to prepare children to their first experiences with reading and counting in fun way while they are not ready for formal/traditional lessons. we still use lots of movement and free play to help them understand their growth and body: to Prepare for school. It is a small-group class where children can develop skills, by learning the concepts of environment, both languages, math, Numicon math, music, art, knowledge of the world, yoga, pottery class, meditation, individual piano class and ukulele class and of course music.