Darželio grupės – MUZIKALUS DARŽELIS

Groups of preschool

"Sing and Play" 1,5-3 years old group
It's an active and fun program which provides a holistic development of the child. Children are exposed to a variety of innovation, which helps to encourage self-awareness, language development, body coordination through free movement and dance. The processes of touching, observing, exploring, finding out, understanding and trying are of vital importance to our little ones. During the classes, your child will experience new impressions and together with her peers will independently start walking, talking, dancing, stamping her feet, clapping her hands, playing music and games, experimenting, and singing.

A lot of attention is placed on the child's development through the sense organs (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, sense of balance, muscle sense organs).

"Wiggle and Grow" 3-4 year old group
The program focuses on the joy of the young child's growth; with the help of music, the children also experience the satisfaction of their movement and curiosity needs. Children learn to observe, repeat, share, listen, and make friends. Kids do enjoy socializing; however, they don't find sharing an easy process. The classes provide a lot of activities for the development of fine and gross motor skills (involving the whole body or the parts of it). According to scientists, fine motor activities contribute to the activation of the cortex, which develops the child's language, hearing, sight and attention. Through movement, children interact with the surrounding environment. Movement is closely related to the development of comprehension and feelings and is an integral component of cognitive, communicative and social skills, play, activity and self-regulation.
"Laugh and Learn", 5-6 years old group
This program is focusing on enjoying of the young child’s growth. The main goal is to prepare children to their first experiences with reading and counting in a fun way while they are not ready for formal/traditional lessons. We still use lots of movement and free play to help them understand their growth and body: to prepare for school. There are small-group classes where children can develop skills while learning in two languages, learning the concepts of environment, math with Numicon, music, art, knowledge of the world, yoga, pottery, meditation, individual piano classes, ukulele classes.