Līga Tīte – Petrauskė


The founder of Musical Kindermusik preschool. Līga, or Lyga, which is a Lithuanian variation of her name, was born and educated in Latvia. She received her Bachelor’s degree at the Academy of Pedagogics as a music teacher and obtained a Master’s degree in Education at the University of Latvia.

Already in her teens, Lyga started preparing herself for her future career related to music and children and worked as a pianist at dance groups for children and grown-ups.  During her studies in Riga, Lyga was a conductor at a Riga Student Chamber and also worked as a teacher in one of state-funded preschools in Riga.  Lyga took part in the Erasmus exchange programme and had an internship in Dresden Music Academy, Germany, where she had an opportunity to strengthen her professional skills. There, she met her future husband who after their 3-year relationship persuaded her to come to Lithuania.

And, in 2007, Lyga moved to Lithuania. Here, she obtained a lot of experience working as a music teacher in Vilnius International School, Vilnius Montessori pre-school, Saulės Gojus (Sunny Grove) preschool, Aukštyn Kojom (Upside down) preschool and Po Saule (Under the Sun) preschool.  After several years in Lithuania, Lyga mastered her Lithuanian, did translation jobs and taught the Latvian language to Lithuanians of different ages. Lyga has always been an active member of different choirs both in Latvia and Lithuania and has also danced folk dances. Having obtained the international Kindermusik licence, Lyga established her own Kindermusik school in 2011.

As a music teacher, Lyga believes that Kindermusik preschool and school will help parents realise how important the first five years of their child’s life are and how powerful music is.

Lina Viduolytė

Lina, our Kindermusik kindergarten and art teacher, was born in Birzai, where she finished secondary school, and then came to Vilnius to study. She obtained Bachelor’s degree at Vilnius Pedagogic University (now – Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences) and is now continuing her Master studies there. Lina regularly attends workshops and conferences to develop her skills and knowledge. However, it is not the certificates and diplomas but the love of children and a feeling of trust from their parents that have helped Lina to realise that she has found her place in life, which is working with children. Lina’s personal values are absolutely in line with the philosophy of Kindermusik kindergarten where we strive to educate our kids as conscious and balanced people. You can’t share something you don’t have yourself that’s why Lina consistently invests into self-development by reading, travelling and doing yoga.

Lina is happy to see the emphasis that Kindermusik pre-school place on the beauty and the positive things inspired by music, visual art, theater and literature. Indeed, in Kindermusik kindergarten children are exposed to a variety of art activities, which is a perfect choice when educating a holistic and balanced person.

Lina appreciates working in the multilingual environment of our kindergarten.  She loves it that here we all share not only toys and cookies but also our experience, impressions, traditions and differences.

Beata Judzentė

Beata is our Kindermusik pre-school teacher and music teacher and her very first encounter with music took place in Panevezys music school. Here, she learned to play the violin, piano and guitar and also mastered choir singing. Beata has completed Kindermusik training and obtained an International Music Teacher Licence enabling her to work with preschool children.

She has been teaching music and the English language to young children from 2007 th. Beata works within the curriculum designed by the Kindermusik International. For four years, Beata ran her own school in the old town of Vilnius. She has also worked in Telebimbam pre-school, Vilnius International School, Vilnius Montessori pre-school, Pupų pėdelis and Aukštyn Kojom preschools, as well as Mažųjų valdos Baby Academy.

Being a mom of triplets – Elzė, Marija and Jonas- and Milė, her baby daughter, Beata says: “My four kids is the most incredible and complex thing which I’ve ever experienced. They encourage me to take up new challenges, then doubt, then try again and move forward. My children are the main reason why I’ve decided to quit my job in DELFI news portal and get back to music. The desire to be a teacher and help all kids to develop has taken me to where I’m now – in a never-ending journey towards discoveries!”

Agnė Valukonytė

Mūsų nuostabi “Wiggle & Grow” auklėtoja. Studijavo pradinio ugdymo pedagogiką, taip pat, igijo priešmokyklinio ugdymo specializaciją. Nuo pat vaikystės svajojo tapti pedagoge, todėl pasirinkti studijų kryptį buvo labai paprasta. Agnė savo patirti pradėjo kaupti būdama studente: atliko praktikas 6 skirtingose mokyklose. Dirbo privačioje mokykloje, vėliau darželyje ir šiuo metu dirba Kindermusik. Dirbdama pedagoginį darbą suprato,kad tai ne tik atsakingas, svarbus, bet ir kūrybiškas, idomus, pozityvus bei įkvepiantis darbas. Kiekviena diena su mažaisiais – tai naujas iššūkis, kuris suteikia naujos patirties ir asmeninio tobulėjimo.