Līga Tīte – Petrauskė


The founder of Musical Kindermusik preschool. Līga, or Lyga, which is a Lithuanian variation of her name, was born and educated in Latvia. She received her Bachelor’s degree at the Academy of Pedagogics as a music teacher and obtained a Master’s degree in Education at the University of Latvia.

Already in her teens, Lyga started preparing herself for her future career related to music and children and worked as a pianist at dance groups for children and grown-ups.  During her studies in Riga, Lyga was a conductor at a Riga Student Chamber and also worked as a teacher in one of state-funded preschools in Riga.  Lyga took part in the Erasmus exchange programme and had an internship in Dresden Music Academy, Germany, where she had an opportunity to strengthen her professional skills. There, she met her future husband who after their 3-year relationship persuaded her to come to Lithuania.

And, in 2007, Lyga moved to Lithuania. Here, she obtained a lot of experience working as a music teacher in Vilnius International School, Vilnius Montessori pre-school, Saulės Gojus (Sunny Grove) preschool, Aukštyn Kojom (Upside down) preschool and Po Saule (Under the Sun) preschool.  After several years in Lithuania, Lyga mastered her Lithuanian, did translation jobs and taught the Latvian language to Lithuanians of different ages. Lyga has always been an active member of different choirs both in Latvia and Lithuania and has also danced folk dances. Having obtained the international Kindermusik licence, Lyga established her own Kindermusik school in 2011.

As a music teacher, Lyga believes that Kindermusik preschool and school will help parents realise how important the first five years of their child’s life are and how powerful music is.

Beata Judzentė

Beata is our Kindermusik pre-school teacher and music teacher and her very first encounter with music took place in Panevezys music school. Here, she learned to play the violin, piano and guitar and also mastered choir singing. Beata has completed Kindermusik training and obtained an International Music Teacher Licence enabling her to work with preschool children.

She has been teaching music and the English language to young children from 2007 th. Beata works within the curriculum designed by the Kindermusik International. For four years, Beata ran her own school in the old town of Vilnius. She has also worked in Telebimbam pre-school, Vilnius International School, Vilnius Montessori pre-school, Pupų pėdelis and Aukštyn Kojom preschools, as well as Mažųjų valdos Baby Academy.

Being a mom of triplets – Elzė, Marija and Jonas- and Milė, her baby daughter, Beata says: “My four kids is the most incredible and complex thing which I’ve ever experienced. They encourage me to take up new challenges, then doubt, then try again and move forward. My children are the main reason why I’ve decided to quit my job in DELFI news portal and get back to music. The desire to be a teacher and help all kids to develop has taken me to where I’m now – in a never-ending journey towards discoveries!”


Agnė Valukonytė

Quite simply, our brilliant Wiggle & Grow teacher.  Agnė has early education as her specialisation on top of her primary education degree. Since childhood, she always dreamed of becoming a teacher, so the field of studies was an obvious choice.  Already as a student, Agnė started to accumulate her teaching experience, that’s why she had completed internships in six different schools. She has experience of working in a private school, later –  in kindergarten and now she is a Kindermusik teacher.  Being a teacher, Agnė has learned that apart from the responsibility and importance, this job is full of creative, compelling, positive and inspiring moments. Every day spent with the little ones is a new challenge that leads to new experience and personal growth.

Rūta Garmienė

Rūta about herself: “I originally come from Vilkaviškis, Lithuania, where I’ve been spending my childhood mostly outdoors, while learning autonomously in a naturally rich sensory environment. Therefore, my deep passion for alternative education partially derives from the freedom I had, to explore and create as a child myself. I am passionate about inspiring children to create and learn through books, science experiments, sensorial experiences, natural world exploration and music. I also strongly believe that a further self-awareness can be attained through yoga and meditation, which I often apply to my teaching practice. Children are full of curiosity and eagerness to learn, therefore as an educator, my job is to help them hold on to it and keep exploring endlessly. My personal keen interests are in arts and crafts, cooking, yoga and music. I am MCI trained in Montessori approach with further training in Nutrition and Human Physiology. I also hold a diploma in Art and Design as well as been trained in Paediatric First Aid.”

Karolina Juškaitė

Throughout my life I have believed that each bears a strong potential within themselves.  At times, for it to find its way to the surface, an adventurous journey awaits involving care, attention, warmth, support and education to help one flourish. We are miraculous and my mission is to be a passage in one’s path to a deeper understanding.
Hey, my name is Carolina, I am an English teacher/ philologist. My studies took place in Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences as well as in Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. Had the chance to work with various age groups in Lithuanian schools as well as performing successful internships in Germany. My life is deeply connected to music which is a huge part of my daily basis, as I spend my free time at the studio working with various programs and production. I truly believe music is one of world’s wonders as well as a wonderful instrument of self-expression.
I find immeasurable meaning and a sense of fulfillment while working with children as they are a source of pure joy, magic, adventure and straightforward truth. I am honoured to be part of their evolution, and I am grateful to grow along with them.

Neringa Banytė

My journey to discovering and exploring music began when I was a little child. After finishing music school at a very young age and later on graduating from Vilnius Juozas Tallat – Kelpša conservatory, I was certain that it was not enough for me and I would like to keep studying music and broaden my knowledge within this subject. For this reason I decided to travel to London where I started my studies at British And Irish Institute of Modern Music. During my 4 years in London not only did I receive a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Musicianship/Vocals I was also actively performing, writing, recording and also teaching music.  I am currently studying my Master’s degree in Composition/Digital Technologies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

After getting an opportunity to join the “Kindermusik” team I had no doubts that I wanted to be a part of it. I believe that music education at a young age is exceptionally important. It develops child’s creativity and encourages their craving for knowledge.  I am incredibly happy and grateful to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with the little ones and to be a part of this extraordinary musical journey with them.

Julija Gadišauskaitė

Ever since school, I have felt that my way of life will involve children and helping them. After school, in the ninth grade, every day, I hurried to the children’s day center “Dream Ship”. Even though I was just a volunteer, I always felt that communication and help with homework, playing, interacting with children, going to camps, gave my life more happiness. Then, I didn’t know it was called existential meaning. While I volunteered, I belonged to ‚Save Children Lithuania‘ organisation where I took part in their campaigns, for eg. we recorded and distributed educational anti-bullying CDs and delivered it to schools.

I volunteered for about two years, later graduated from school and my path led to studying psychology. I graduated from Mykolas Romeris University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Later I did an internship in Italy at the Bologna Laboratory of Psychology. After studying, it was difficult to decide which direction of psychology to choose, but I knew that the choice in one case or another would involve children. Also, I love to paint sometimes and wanted to connect the hobby with the profession so I chose Art Therapy as a further direction.

Kindermusik gives me the opportunity to be among the kids as a family and get to know them. Being with children, early in their lives, means making a contribution from oneself to society. And it’s not just being around. If I help a child to get a better understanding for his feelings today, and work with what to do when he fails to do something; what to do when difficult emotions get caught – I will develop their emotional intelligence as much as I can – he will feel calmer, more confident and happier in the future, which we will combine with Art Therapy methods either.