We are an exclusive, musical and bilingual (English-Lithuanian) preschool in Vilnius. Here, children are exposed to music along with various activities.  Children learn best through movement, sound, colours and touch. All these features are integrated in dance, listening to music, singing, playing musical instruments and games with colourful balls and boxes.

In recent years, the number of studies related to music has increased, leading the researchers to amazing findings (which might not surprise only those who have always had a firm belief in the beneficial power of music.) According to these studies, early, positive and age-appropriate music experience, which is exactly what Kindermusik offers, may have significant influence on children’s development, including early language and literacy skills (for instance, vocabulary development, comprehension, listening, verbal expression); socialemotional development; mathematical skills and even planning and leading skills.  The full-day musical preschool offers the little ones a whole-child development from early age. Children can learn together with the loving mom or dad, or without them, assisted by professional teachers.

Kindermusik programme is based on scientific research and methods by OrffKodalyMontessori and Suzuki – that’s why it is perfect!

Our preschool welcomes 1-7 year-old children. As an infant gradually turns into a young child,  her brain activity can be 10 times faster than that of an adult, which means that a child learns many things faster that we do.  A young child is like a sponge absorbing everything around. That’s why our day musical preschool invites children of this particularly special age to absorb tastes, colors, inquiries, games and movements to help them build a steady basis for further healthy development.


Rudausių str. 57, Vilnius
+370 676 25 446